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Character design

Environment design


Game assets

Epic Fantasy

Horror art

Children’s illustration



A Bit About Me

Illustrator since 2013 living in Spain, specialized in board games.

Experience in literary publishing, children’s, cover art, comics, FX concept, app games, board games and rpg.

I can adapt to different styles and themes, expanding the range of possibilities for the client to choose from. Without limits of frontiers.

My work is all digital, but I also work with traditional techniques.


Tell me what’s on your mind…

Experience in

From 2013

To 2021

  • Guerra de Mitos

  • GDM Games

  • Everguild

  • Mont Taber

  • Jocs al Segón

  • Gen X Games

  • Zacatrus

  • Atomo Games

  • APA Board Games

  • Abba Games

  • DMZ Games

  • 2D10 Juegos

  • Enigma Studio

  • Tamuz Games

  • Genius Games

  • Falomir Juegos

  • Jumbo

  • JumboDiset

  • May Effects Fx

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